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Create a Professional Website Only 100 Rupees | Make a Professional Website Just In 100 Rupees | Create Cheap Website | By ( Rabnawaz Waghra ) The Softwares Pk

 Make a Professional Website Just In 100 Rupees | Create Cheap Website

 Create Cheap Website

If you want to make your own cheapest website and earn money, then today I will tell you about the cheap and improved website that will give you the cheapest and the best website and platform for people. From your own website you can always run forever

Create a Professional Website

You need two things to create your own professional website,
  1. First of all you have to create a gmail account if you've already created a Gmail Account, then you have to log in to google directly after searching for Blogger or when you log in. If this happens, you will be able to create arrow box ,box and the Google apps says you have to click on it, inside it you will get the blogger option you have to click on it and The blogger has to be logged in and here you have to create a domain name and keep an intimate name for your website. First of all you will be asked to post a title at the top. On the other hand you want to create a website, the second number you want to ask is your address here, but you have to give your website name ie the domain name, the domain name you have to give, after giving an address. Anyone else has to sort out and then you have to click on it

 Domain Name Purchase

     2. Now you have to buy a domain that you have to connect with your blogger website, I will now tell you about a website that gives you 1 year domain only 100 rupees, this website's name Here's Go Daddy on this website we can believe it's a very popular website I buy domains from the same website myself after you have to register it with a bugger.Click on the link below to buy the domain name
I will give you two links below, one is from Google and gives a link to a local website that you want to buy domain from there if you are making a cheap website,
  Buy domain names from Godaddy because you want to make cheap websites

Godaddy Domain purchase

Google Domain purchase

Template Blogger Free

Now you have to download a free-to-play template that is mobile friendly, then you have to take it to your blogger.If you want to download your mobile friendly template, you can download Downloads link below and easily download it.extrect After downloading it Now move this code to HTML code and then save it,

Google Policy

If you follow the Google policy, you will receive Google AdSense approval if you violate Google, you will never receive Google AdSense approval, you will be creating a website, you If people can get money like a website like others, you need to make Google's website look at your website,
If you want to learn more about Google's policy, then Google's policy and adsense policy is
compiled within two links below.

Google Adsense Terms And Conditions

Google Adsense Policy 

You should not have content on your website that is against the policy of Google AdSense if I mention them in this context, may it be possible that Google has made me an AdSense band by clicking the link below. Which will take you to a new page on which the entire policy of Google Account is valid, so you can click on the link to take the Google Account Policy

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