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Saturday, June 15, 2019

VGO TEL i Disco Flash File MT6261 100% Tested Miracle Box File With Complete User Guide


    BiG Battery 3000mAH | BiG Speaker | BiG LED | BiG Contact Memory 1000

    Table Of Content
    1. Basic Information
         1.1.  Brief Introduction
    2. Before Use
      2.1 Install Sim Card And Memory Card 
            2.1.1. Sim Card
            2.1.2. Memory Card
         2.2.1. install the Bettery
         2.2.2 Charging 
      2.3. Security Password
    3. Quick User Guide
      3.1.Dial Call...
      3.2.Reject A Call... 
      3.3.Receive Call...
      3.4.End A Call...
      3.5.Emergency Services...
      3.6.Extension Speed Dial...
      3.7.Dialed Calls/Missed Calls/Received Calls Rejected Calls...
      3.8.Calls Forward... 
      3.9.Call Waiting...
      3.10.Call Barring...
      3.11.Power Off The Phone
      3.12. T-Flash Card
    4.Function Menu
     4.2.Call History...
     4.6.MY file...
     4.7.FM Radio...
     4.9.Audio Player...
     4.12.Internet Service
    5.Text Input
    6.Care And Maintenance
    7.About Ce

    1. Basic Information

    1.1.Brief Introducation 

      Thanks For Selecting Vgotel I Disco Colour screen GSM Digital
    Mobile Phone.through Reading The Manual You Can Fully Know How To Use VgoTel I Disco Mobile Phoen, Appreciate Its Complete Function
    And Simple Oprating Method.

         VgoTel I Disco Color Screen Mobile Phone Is Designed Aiming 
    At GSM NetWork Enviroment; The Phone Is Designed Network  
    Environment The Phone Is Two Card Two Standby But You Can`t Call Anoten  SIM Card  When One SIM Card  IS Under Phone Call Besides Basic Call  Function Vgotel I Dasico Also  Provides Many Kinds Of Practial  Functions, Such AS Name Card Holder, Scene Mode, Message, Audio And Video Player, Camera And Video, Alarm Clock, Calculator, STK, Time And Date, AUto Power-On And shut-down And etc. So  That Convenient For Your Work And Leisure Activities. In Addition. Vgotel I disco Adopts Personalized Human-COmputer INterface Design, Its COmplete Function Can Meet Your DIfferent Requirements. 
         Vgotel I Disco Color Screen MObile Phone Accords With GSM Criterion, Has Optained The Certification Of Completent Authority. 
         The Company Resereves The Rights  TO Revise The Contents Of The manual Without prior Notics.

    2. Before Use

    2.1.  install SiM card and  Memory card 
    2.1.  SIM card 
       Before Using the phone. you must insert valit sim subseriber identity MOdule card  in the phone. 
    sim card 1s provided bye network supplier. 
       when you subcribe to a cellular network, you will reseive a plug-in Sim card complete with your subscription deatils, such as your PIN, and avaliable optional services.
          Caution:Do Not Bend or Scratch Your SIM caed.
    Avoid exposing your SIM Card To Static electricity,water or dirt.

    Tips: face the gold color contact point of sim card towards the 
    cell phone and push the sim card into the solt.

    2.1.2.  Memory card  
       Aim at the t card solt and push the t card gently. and 
       the card will be inserted correctly.  
    promt: If the memory card is failed, plese check whether it is corrtenty placed and good contact of metal pointe.
    2.2.  Bettery 
    2.2.1.  Install  the bettery 
      Take off rear cover, of the mobil.
      Make One And Of bettery With metal surface aim at the bettery
      Connector then gently trees the bettery downwarrd using the 
      finger and then prees the other and to install the bettery
    prompt: Please operate correcty to avoid damaging the bettery connector.
    2.2.2. Charging

       insert the Charger on the charging interface at the side end 
     of the phone.
     connect the charger to a standard wall outlet and the battery
     power icon in the up-right corner of the screen start scrolling.
     when the battery bar stops scrolling, it means the battery charge
     is complete. press the two sides of the charger plug and
     disconnect the charger from the phone.
    Prompt: In order to ensure normal operation of the phone.please
    make sure to use the designated charger.
    2.3.  Security Password 

    • PIN
    PIN (Personal Identification Number) Is used to prevent your SIM card from being used illegally.
    PIN is ususally provided with SIM card together.if You input wrong
    PIN for continuous three time, please input PUK to unlock it. please contact with network
    operations company for more details.
    • PIN 2
      you need to input PIN2 when entering some functions (such as call
      charge):if you input wrong PIN2 for continuous three
      need to input PUK2 to unlock it. please contact with network
      operations company for more details.
    • PUK
      When changing the locked PIN, you need to input PUK (personal
      Unlock Key). PUK is provided with SIM card together. if it is
      not provided, please contact with your service provider. if
      you input wrong PUK for continuous ten time, the SIM card
      can't change PUK if you lose the code. please contact with
      your service provider.
    • PUK2
      When changing the locked PIN2,you need to input PUK2. If you
      input wrong PUK2 For continuous ten time. you can't use the 
      functions that need PIN2. Please contact with your service 
      provider to buy new card. you can't change PUK 2. If you
      lose the code. please contact with your service provider.

    3.Quick User Guide

    3.1.  Dial a Call

               In Standby mode, press numerical keys to input phone
      number to dial phone number. when you finish inputting phone
      number, press the dial key to make a call. If you're making 
      a long distance call, add the area code preceeding the 
      telephone number.
      press left soft key to access Options.

    3.2.  reject a Call 

              You can press End key to an incoming call.

    3.3. Receive a Call

                          when an incoming call arrives, the phone will give out
       the corresponding prompt (such as vibration, ring tone, and
       etc.) if network support, the phone screen will show the name
       and telephone number of the caller; at this time, you can
       press dial key to receive an incoming call.

    3.4. End a Call

                         After finishing a call, you press End key to end a call.

    3.5. Emergency Services

                        You can directly dial an emergency service call without 
        SIM card.
             Different network uses different emergency number,please
       consult your network operations company for more details.

    3.6. Extension Speed Dial

                       After inputting telephone number,if you want to input
       branch number, please press and hold ''*''.input your extension
       number after the display screen shows ''P''. after getting 
       throgh the call, it will directly dial the extension.

    3.7. Dialed Calls/Missed Calls/Received Calls/ Reject Calls

                      You can enter call Histrory to check the relevant details
       of dialed calls, missed calls, received calls and reject calls.

    3.8.Call forward 

             After call forward function is started, according to
        different  forward conditions  settings  (Call  forward 
        Unconditionally, forward BUSY, FORWARD No Answer, Forward 
        Can Not Reach), you can select to switch the incoming call 
        to vice inbox or other telephone numbers.

    3.9. Call Waiting 
             After call waiting function is started, when you aye
        calling, the other call can be put through.

    3.10. call Barring 

                      After call barring function is started, according to
        different resricted conditions settings (all The Dialed Calls,
        all the incoming calls, incoming call when roaming, dialed
        international calls, outging international calls when roaming)
        ,you can restrict the call under the coeeesponding conditions
        (need to apply to network operator for business).

    3.11. Power Of The Phone

                      In the standby mode,press and hold key to power off the

    3.12. T-flash Card 

                   Insert the T-flash card into phone from the background.
        this will expand the flash memory of the phone.
             Tap Multimedia menu, you can browse MP3. MP4 , Picture
        video,photograph etc.

    4. Function Menu


                    this function could help you to browse the name card holder
        ,store,edit and delete the names and phone numbers in the phone
        and in the SIM card, to facilitate the management of the records
        this phone sets the group.

    4.2.  Call History 
    •  missed calls: disply the list of your recent missed number.
    • dialed calls: display the list of your recent dialed number.
    • received calls: display the list of your recent answered number 
    • rejected calls: display the list of your recent reply SMS after reject number.
    • all calls:display your recent call log.
    •  delete all: you cloud delete all the records of the dialed, received, missed and rejected.
    • call timers display information details of SIM1/SIM2 last call received calls,dialed calls: and calls press left soft key to "reset".
    GPRS counter you can view the detail about  GPRS flow rate 

    4.3.    GAMES 

         this mobile phone provides a sokoban game please see the specific operation within the game operating instructions. 

    4.4   multimedia  
    • video recorder 
         the devicec is equipped with a video  capture so that you can chat friends through it. a driver is needed to be installed when the video capture function is used the details can be found in driver installation guide 
    • Video Player :
         this phone support the video format of AVI, 3GP and MP4 
    • image viewer :
         To enter the images list interface press the left soft kek and       you could go on the following operation.
    • Sound Recorder :
         By Using this function you can record or listen to your own
         recordings. The record file format: wav.

    4.5.  Messages

    • Write Messages :
    You could write new messages by using this function.When you input the message to be sent, left soft key to send, to insert the
    templates, to add contact person information and symbol,
    and to save etc.
    •  Inbox :
         Store the SMS messages you've received.The SMS Message could
    be differentiated by different icons. The icons before the message
    list means whether this message is a SMS message and the place 
    where it is stored. in SIM1, SIM2 or the in phone.
    • Drafts :
        Store the SMS you've edited. The SMS can be stored in SIM1, 
    SIM2 or in the phone. 
    • Outbox  :
        Store the SMS you've sent but not gone (pending/que). The SMS
    can be stored in SIM,Sim2 or in the phone.
    • Sent Box :
        Store the SMS you've sent successfully. The SMS can be stored
    in SIM1,SIM2 or in the phone.
    • Tamplates :
        You could edit or delete the templates.
    • Broadcast Message :
        The area info services send different kinds of message. change 
    the settings of this service and inqurire the area info by using 
    this function.
    • Settings :
        There are option: SMS sign setting, SIM 1 msg center, SIM2 msg center, message validity period, status report, save sent message 

    preferred storage medium.
    • Message Capacity
        You could view the capacity of the SMS

    4.6. My Files 

           You can check the specific content and service condition of the
    phone memory via this function. Meanwhile, you can format the 
    memory too.

    4.7.  FM RADIO 

    4.8.  Camera 

            The device is equipped with a webcam with high pixels you can
    take a photo at any time and save the photo in the device or SIM
    card. the photo can be used as wallpaper of your or you can send
    it to your friends through bluetooth.

    4.9.  Audio Player

        You can use this function to play audio files. By pressing the 
    direction key can you control the playing process of audio player :
    play/pause(OK Key),switch to last song/next song (press left or 
    right direction key ) , fast forwared ( Press and hold right
    direction key ) and rewind (press and hold left direction key ).
    In audio player interface, you can * Press # key to tune volume.

    4.10. Organizer 

    • Customer Care Centers 
    • Bluetooth : This mobile phone support blutooth wireless connection.You can establish wireless connection between mobile phone and device to realize voice communication, data exchange and synchronzation.
    • Calculator: The calculator can add, subtract, multiplay and use the calculator: press the up,down, left and right key to select +,-,x,respectively.Press rigt soft key to delelte the figure.
    • Calendar: Once you enter this menu, there is a monthy-view calendar for you to keep track of imortant appiontments, etc.Days with events entered will be marked.
    • Alram: Three alarm clocks are set but deactivated by can activate one,multiple or all of them as needed.for each alarm clock, the ringing date and the ringing time can be set.
    • Word Clock: Access this menu to view time of main cities in various time zone.
    • Torch
    • Monu Vibration
    • Keypad Blinking
    4.11. Settings 
    • Profiles
    • Call Settings
          - - Dual-SIM

              Standby mode: You can select the standby mode for SIM card,
         either to have one SIM card standby, or to have both SIM cards
         standby simultaneously.
         Reply by original SIM: You can activate the function to replay
         from current SIM card for call and SMS.
      - - Call divert: when ''call divert'' function is start up,you
         can transfer the incoming call to voice inbox or other phone
         number according to the task '' call divert '' conditions.
      - - Call waiting: All outgiong calls, incoming call, romaing
         incoming calls, international outgiong calls, romaing 
         international outgoing calls are available.
      - - Hide Id : this function must be supported by the network.
      - - Fixed dialing: start and close of the fixed dialing, and 
         mangement of the fixed dialing list
      - - Blacklist : Set the settings of the blacklist and management
         of the list 
      - - Fixed Dialing: After setting the fixed dailing number and 
         activating this function, the phone can only dial the number
         you set.
      - - Others
    Phone Settings 
     - - Date & time : You can set up the date and the time on the      phone as well in the display mode. 
     - - Language settings : You can select phone language. 
     - - Shortcut settings : You can set the menu when you Press right     soft-key to enter in standby interface.  
     - - auto power on/off youcan set the time and repeat mode to power on or power-off   - - power managemexnt: you can view the electric quantity of your battery.    - - restory factory setting you can restore part of the phone setting as factory setting the default code of restoring factory settineg is: 1122. 

    • Display 
    _ _ wallpaper setting you can  set as default wallpaper images or well as other wallpaper  images .
    _ _ idle display setting you can choose whether to display time data SIM1, SIM2 audio player, FM  radio on the home screen 
    _ _ screen saver sittings: open or off the screen saver animation 
    _ _ contrast: On the screen backlight interface you can set different brihtnees of  your phone by pressing the left/right direction key.
    _ _ backlight: adjust the backlight time.
    _ _ key pad backlight time: adjust the key pad backlight time.
    • Securtiy
    _ _ PIN: you can start up shut down or modify PIN code . the defauit PIN code is 1234.
    _ _ modify PIN2: you can review PIN2 code. for details, please contact the network operator. 
    _ _ phon locked: open or close the phone lock the default password is"1122". 
    _ _ modify phone passwod: change the phone and privacy password.
    _ _privacy: you can review protection password. the default password of privacy protection mode is 1122. 
    _ _ auto keypad lock : set the time of mobile phone automatically locked .
    _ _ lock screen by end-key choose open or closed by red key loking function. 
    _ _ mobile tracker: you can start up or shut down anti theft function or revise anti-theft function password (the password shall be 6-digit) 
     4.12.   internet service
    • internet enter the wanted website and select <OK>to connect it. caution:
           1 .    your network sevice provider  may not support some function. In order to ensure the browser work normally , please confirm fist that your SIM card supports and have the internet function activated.
         2.      If you browser the web page flowrate fee will be charged 

                           5.      Text Input 
                 The device provides several text input modes so that you can write text   or input data in your"contacts", edit "contacts" record search english names and write SMS In"text input" mode if you want to change the input way you can press "#" key The selected input way willappear on top left of the screen 
     Latter (Capital, Normal 
         Enter edit page press"#" and switch the input mode to"letter", then press the keys on keypad seletedleatters will appear on the screen press the number key can get the fast letter marked on the key press twice quickly can the second letter marked on key. Similarly if the letter you want to input have the same key with the former letter please wait until the cursor appears again then the input the new letter.
    For example if you want to input"ok",you need to pressthe "6" key three times continuously and get "o"then press then "5" twice "k"will appear on the screen press right soft key,you can delete text youinput.
        Enter "edit"mode,press"#"key you can change the input way to" number". Then press the keys, number will aappear on the screen the key 0-9 separately represents the figure from 0 to 9. you can press corresponding key to get desired number.Press right soft key can delete the number you input.

    maintenance of batter 
    you device is powered by a rechargeable batter. It is necessary to have the battery charged when it is going to wear out. The full performance of anew batter is achieved only when it is full wore out. 
    U nplug the charger from the electrical plug and the device when not in use. do not leave fully acharged battery connected to a charger over a week since overcharging may shorten is lifetime.
    temperature tends to affact the limit of batter to be charger therefore,it is necessary for  the batter to be cooled or warmed before it is charged. If the temperature of battery exceeds 40 c, the battery cannot be charged.
    Use exceedswarmed before only for its intendedpurpose and avoid short-circuiting accidental short-circuiting can occurwhen a metallic object causes direct connection of the possitive (+)and negative (-) terminals of the battery.
    do not use damaged battery. 
    leave the battery in hot or cold places will reduce the capacity and lifetime of the battery. a device with a hot or cold battery may not work temporarily, even when the battery is fully charged. 
    do not    

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